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Guide to shopping this festive season

It's easy to get swept up by the wave of special offers at this time of year. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have purchased items for myself or gifts for others because I believe I'm getting a bargain. But is it a bargain if it's not really something you need or want? This year I'm taking a step back before going all in on shopping.

Here are 5 questions I'm asking myself before I shop the sales this Christmas?

  1. Why am I buying this? Is it for the bargain or the item itself?
  2. Will it last?
  3. Is it a trend item or will I be able to use it over and over?
  4. Will I be this excited about it after Xmas?
  5. If buying an item of clothing then I think through the different ways it can be dressed and the different places I can wear it.

With the above in mind we wanted to make sure that our Christmas offers add value. Which is why we put together the essentials bundle. The bundle consists of 3 black items that can become staples in your wardrobe all year round. We are talking about the Cross Body Top, Everyday Trouser and Sana Dress. Here's why we think they are a good purchase this Christmas:

1. Each one can be dressed up or down so is versatile. 
2. Each one if fade resistant so the deep black colour will last for years to come.
3. They are crease resistant which means less ironing and again no losing of colour as a result.
4. They are comfortable takes on the classic black items. The trouser, blouse and little black dress.
5. they can be dressed for winter or summer.

Have we convinced you yet. What's more is we are offering a wapping 20% off the bundle. That means items that should cost you £148 will now cost you £110. You save nearly £40 on them.

Remember by buying for longevity you are not only good to the planet but also your wallet!



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