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5 quick ways to add more colour to your wardrobe for spring

Stepping out of winter and into spring is a great time to take an overall look at your wardrobe and think about brighter and longer days. 


Of course we don’t want to do away with the darker winter clothes completely, this is the UK after all and a blustery rainy day is never far away! But the addition of some key items can usually get us out of our dark garbs and into more colourful attire. 


Here’s 5 quick tips to add more colour to your wardrobe. Whether you’re shy of bright colours or just need to spruce up your closet:

1) Go for block colours. They are easier to mix and match and more versatile, adding block colours is the way to go! Step into spring with lemon coloured cardigan or a fuchsia trousers. Pick colours that will go with lots of other items in your wardrobe. So if you have a lot of blues, maybe pick an electric blue pair of trousers or a lot go greys can go beautifully with baby pink or if you’re feeling brave bright green. Our Everyday Trousers `are available in hot pink and coral and make a great addition to a spring wardrobe.

2) Spring doesn’t always mean light colours - A hot colour for this spring is blue and it doesn’t have to be bright. Black is actually a big colour this spring and the grunge look is in. So if you have an aversion to what we would consider natural spring colours and florals you’re in luck!


3) Assess what you already have - What colours are dominate your wardrobe and how can you add a lighter colour to them and freshen up your wardrobe for spring. For instance if you have a lot of navy could you add some soft yellows and peaches? Or maybe even purple and tan?

4) Check out trims and buttons - Again if you have an aversion to floral pinks etc.. then check out the trims and buttons on your clothes. Do most of your blazers have gold buttons? Great how about adding a couple of gold tops and blouses to your wardrobe to freshen it up. Of course this can work even if the buttons are black. Again our everyday trousers have a great bright trim on the side not only elongating your legs but also adding a sense of style and detail.

5) Accesorize! This is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe for spring. A brightly coloured belt, bag or scarf can make all the difference and means you don’t have to change your wardrobe entirely.


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