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Behind the Design - The Everyday Trouser

Each one of our pieces goes through a thorough vetting process?

  • Is it versatile?
  • Can it be worn in numerous scenarios?
  • How can we ensure it'll last as long as possible? Keep its colour? Keep its shape?
  • How can we make it more flattering? Will it flatter women of all sizes?
  • What's its impact on the planet? Can we reduce that? What are the alternatives?

These are not simple questions to answer and require going back to the drawing board multiple times.

The everyday trouser is an item that went through this process several times so it would be just perfect and it shows?

These trousers can be dressed up or down, washed multiple times without losing colour, have a slight stretch, are crease resistant and have a great drop to make them flattering. 

When thinking about whether they would fit and flatter women of different shapes we decided to ensure they had an elasticated waistband and cord making them flexible and comfortable. No matter whether you fluctuate between sizes or even change during your monthly cycle we wanted you to feel comfortable in these trousers. 

The side trim was a last minute edition to elongate the legs, that would ensure the trousers were flattering on women of all heights. 

Although we didn't use recycled materials we decided to focus on longevity to ensure that our clothes don't end up in landfill easily, this means we went for a fabric that could hold its shape and colour. Requiring little ironing would again allow the colour to last long term. 

In a nutshell with a lot of hard work and input from designers, manufacturers and fabric wholesalers we have brought you a versatile, flattering and long lasting trouser that you will love that not only looks amazing but is in line with our values of sustainable and slow fashion. 



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