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Diwali gifts for her - the struggle and solution

I’ve often struggled with gifts for Diwali. It’s the Indian New Year so a nice time to exchange some treats with friends and family. However the challenge I find is not just giving another ‘off the shelf’ item that is on trend now.

I want to be able to give gifts that mean something and connect both sides of my heritage and that of the people that are celebrating Diwali. Something that is the perfect combination of our Indian heritage and British lives. Something that had the balance of indowestern just right.

It’s with this in mind, the desire to marry the two sides of my own life, that I founded More-Me. The perfect blend of Indian textiles and hints from indian fashion combined with British tailoring so you wouldn’t think twice about wearing them into the workplace.

So I’m so pleased to be offering our Diwali bundle this year. Bringing two of our biggest sellers together the bundle contains our aari embroidered skirt, with unique embroidery made just for More-Me and our Rebel t-shirt with a unique design.

Offer these to your loved ones such as your sister, niece, daughter, wife or partner or for yourself. Neither pieces are found on the high street and are every bit as unique as the ones you love.   

Get your hands on this Diwali treat with our discounted offer before it ends on Diwali day!


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