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The thought behind our Rebel Tee and the journey of a t-shirt

A t-shirt seems pretty basic right?


If you’ve never watched this short video by TedEd on the journey of a t-shirt I highly recommend it. It talks you through the life cycle of a t-shirt and highlights the complex process of making one of the most commonly purchased items in the world. Considering we sell 2 billion a year we should probably know more about it. So it’s needless to say when we created ours we had some big decisions to make:

Ethical materials - we didn’t want to add to the challenges already placed on the planet and the farm workers who grow cotton. So we decided to use recycled cotton t-shirts. 

Style - In the words of Nicki Minaj ‘who wants to look simple when you can look stunning’ so we wanted more than just a plain white tee. As a result we opted for some additional details in the form of a slight rolled sleeve. Because the details make all the difference. 

Print - we designed our Rebel Tee design of the winking woman in house so you can’t find anything like it on the high street. But how we print also has a big impact. Therefore we work with a company that makes print transfers from natural water based inks that don’t harm the water supply. What’s more the print doesn’t crack or fade in the wash so the vibrant colours of our rebel t-shirt always stay in tact. Winner!

See a t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. At More-Me its a labour of love, for our customers, our people and our planet. 


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