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The thought behind our Spring/Summer range


Our spring summer range was created with a number of factors in mind:

Travel: one of the great things about the spring/summer period is it gives ample opportunity to travel. Whether your destination is only a few hours away by car or a long haul flight ,we love getting away as the days get brighter. Therefore, we wanted to create clothing that was comfortable and convenient. Linen can often be a go to in the summer but have you ever travelled in a linen dress? The creases are tragic! So we wanted a lightweight fabric that wouldn’t easily crease. Using Scuba crepe in our recent range has allowed us to use vibrant colours in fabric that doesn’t easily crease so is perfect for summer travel.

Colour: Summer is a time for bold colour (to be honest if you ask us we think bold colour should be bossed all year round). But summer opens peoples minds up to rocking out in bold colours. We didn’t want to give up this opportunity. 

We settled on Coral, Fuscia and Black.

Coral - considered a lucky colour for centuries to bring prosperity. Let’s be honest with the past couple of years and Covid we could all do with a bit of luck on our side. It also looks great on all skin shades.

Fuchsia - as the blossoms bloom and colour explodes in nature we couldn’t create a collection without fuschia. It symbolises playfulness and is an uplifting and cheerful colour. All the things that summer symbolises in bucketloads!

Black - ok we admit sometimes it’s nice to have a safe colour. Also, we are in the UK and never know when those clear skies can be disturbed with grey clouds and a thunderstorm. Black is elegant and versatile. 

Cuts: We are hugely influenced by Indian fashion. Ask any Indian woman what she loves wearing when she’s not feeling hugely confident in her body image and she’ll tell you a sari. Why? The way that it is draped across the body draws the eye down and elongates the figure. A sari is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing in any indian woman’s wardrobe. So we give a nod to this genius in our spring summer range using a trim to draw your eye across the body. 

Quality: My pet hate is when you buy an item of clothing and it loses its vibrancy. Whether that be a bright pink top or a black pair of trousers. Don’t you just hate it when they turn grey after a few wears. Not with ours. Repeated washing at cool temperatures will maintain the black and vibrant colours on your clothes so you can shine bright throughout the summer and years to come. 

Longevity: Linked to the above we have always wanted to make sure our clothes last. Although we don’t call ourselves a green brand we do pick materials on longevity so that their life cycle is longer and we don’t increase the volume of clothes going into landfill. 

Ease: Over the last 2 years we have seen lifestyles change dramatically. The 9-5 routine was disrupted with working from home and businesses and employees are now moving towards a middle ground. This means we need a versatile wardrobe that gives the comfort of working from home and makes us feel confident and professional in the office. All of our items can be dressed up or down as result of that. 

The above criteria was a tough one to meet. Our manufacturers and designers have been incredible in their input and creations, and as a result we are very proud of our spring/summer collection. We hope you love it as much as we do.


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