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Want to do more for the planet in 2023 when you shop but don't know where to start?

Here's some easy tips that don't require you to go out of your way

1. Turn down the bag - Even recycled ones add to waste. Carry a canvas bag in your handbag so you don't need one in store.

2. Donate or sell clothes you no longer use or Upcycle. Platforms such as Vinted make it easy for your to sell your old clothes or items you don't want to wear easy. a couple of photos on your phone and upload with a price. 

Add some gorgeous new buttons to that coat that is looking tired and get another year out of it. Turn those jeans in shorts. That dress into a skirt. Most dry cleaners now have a tailoring service that will do this at a reasonable price. 

3. Consider what you are buying. For instance if you can try to buy fabrics that are earth positive. Examples include our Rebel Hoodie and Rebel Tee. These items are made from organic and recycled cotton. Making them sustainable and ensuring they minimise the impact on the planet. Similarly our embroidered blazer and embroidered skirt use natural materials that are biodegradable and the lining uses Tencel fabric which is great for the planet and is made from wood pulp from sustainable tree farms!

4. Shop local brands that manufacture locally. The less your clothes have travelled the less they have hurt the environment. This is something we are passionate about. All of our items are made locally in the UK. Meaning less travel and less pollution.

Remember to have fun with it. Experiment and see if you can give your clothes a new lease of life and explore local businesses!


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