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We need you!

Here’s the thing. If someone asked us what we are we would rarely say fashion brand. You will more likely here us say we are story tellers. We tell stories about Indian textiles and the artists that make them. Through our clothes we tell the story of British Asian women and how they try to fuse their British and Indian identity in order to create something powerful that stands in its own right. 

What are we doing?

So as part of our desire to story tell we need your help.

Our next range is influenced by women who came to the UK and the small brave acts they did every day. Whether it be trying get their first job. Speaking English for the first time. Going on their first visit to a store and/or chasing their dreams in a country that was alien to them. All of these acts of bravery laid the foundation for what was available for British Asian women today and will continue to be a reality for British Asian women in the future. We are a product of our history. We stand on the shoulders of these giants. Therefore we want to give them the credit they are due.

How you can help?

If you have a mother, aunt, friend, neighbour who came to this country in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s to create a life for themselves we’d love to speak to them. Simply Contact Us or DM us on Instagram @moremefashionbrand or on Facebook @MoreMeUK

Where will this go?

The idea is at the next launch to showcase these stories. All our items will be influenced by these stories too and be an expression of them. Once you have told your story you are not under any obligation to have it as part of the exhibition if you change your mind.


If you look back at the stories of partition or immigration and they are dominated by the experiences of men. Although invaluable these are only half the picture. The experiences of women when coming to the UK are just as powerful and need to be revealed if we are to truly understand our history. They are empowering and deserve respect. 


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