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What I’m switching in and out for my autumn/winter wardrobe


High neck tops 

The variety of high neck tops is dreamy at this time of year. Further they don’t have to be super thick so I’m opting for high neck tops with a thin knit for now before moving to heavy knits when it gets really cold.


I love wearing boots. Chunky boots, heeled, knee high you name it I love them and I’m glad they’re back.

The mid thigh skirt

I love these with a knee high boot. They can be paired with a thick knit jumper or a blouse for work. It’s easy to drown in heavy clothing over the winter and a mid thigh skirt just breaks up an outfit a little and adds some shape. Check out our embroidered skirt for inspiration!


I’m actually still wearing some of my summer skirts. Just with tights now and some chunky boots. Don’t forget tights don’t have to be plain. I love polka dot tights to break up a black short skirt and black boots. Or even a short dress like our Sana Dress.


Adding a mother layer to warm you up these are gorgeous under a blazer and add some great shape.


Out - there isn’t actually a lot I move out of my wardrobe in the summer as I’m a firm believer in layering. However a few items do go.

Whimsical summer dresses

the ones with thin fabric that you just can’t get warm in during the winter no matter how many layers you put on.


I’m not a fan of linen and how much it creases but any remnants of it are locked away at this time of year.

Thin trousers 

Are replaced by heavier fabric to keep the legs warm such as our Everyday trouser


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