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About Us

About Us


In 2020 our founder, Roma Dhameja, got bored of looking for clothes that represented her and never finding any. Clothes that harnessed the fun and bold colours of Indian clothing and the brilliance of western tailoring.  When looking at what was available two things were apparent:



  1. Brands were focusing on driving down costs at the expense of good design and positive impact on the supply chain. Roma, who grew up in her fathers factory couldn't believe how communities in the manufacturing trade were being treated and decided to do something about it. 

  2. Many high street clothes that gave a nod to Indian fabrics were often shapeless and failed to convey the beauty of Indian fashion.


So in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, armed with the sewing skills she'd picked up in her father's factory as a child, a rebellious spirit and a passion for beautiful clothes she decided to launch More-Me. Although some of our fabrics come from India where they support local artisans and their trade, our manufacturing takes place in the UK, predominantly in Leicestershire round the corner from where our founder grew up.


More-Me is a brand that proudly showcases the dual heritage of its founder combining Indian and western fashion. For decades Indian fabric has dominated the world stage and till this day its beauty, vibrant colours and intricate designs are recognisable. British tailoring is renowned throughout the fashion world for its sharp lines which ooze sophistication. More-Me combines these two worlds to set the stage for elegant garments that can become key pieces in your wardrobe. 

Therefore what you can expect is an exciting fusion of bold colours commonplace in an eastern wardrobe with beautiful tailoring found in a modern western closet.



“To be honest More-Me was always going to happen. Sooner or later Indian women were going to say enough. We are not going to fit into the worlds idea of what we should look like. We are going to show up as our authentic selves. Not as society thinks we should be. “

- Roma Dhameja, Founder, More-Me

5 random facts about our journey and our founder:

1. Other than fashion, the other thing Roma is equally passionate about is Rich Tea biscuits. We don’t get it either and have tried to tempt her away from them by introducing her to a range of other biscuits but she’s having none of it.

2. The hardest thing in setting up this fashion brand was sending a DHL parcel. The paperwork alone nearly killed us and we’d like to thank Uncle Ji in the newsagent who helped. But don’t worry we’ve got it sussed now and you’ll get all your deliveries on time.

3. The lack of independents on the high street is something that genuinely saddens us and we often talk about it over tea sounding like a bunch of 80 year olds talking about the good old days. We then quickly snap out of it and get to work to make you beautiful clothes.

4. People are blooming wonderful and have helped us so much! So much so that they have become family (even if they don’t know it, and we may not have asked them, but they are part of our tribe now and we just can’t let them go!)

5. Roma stitched her first label onto the back of t-shirt at the age of 11 in her dads factory. Much to his delight she did a good job and has been constructing garments since. With a brief hiatus at university because…you know…other priorities such as dancing and studying and all that.

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