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Our Values

Our Values & How We Trade

Values are what started this business and they will always remain at the centre of what we do.

More-Me prides itself on functioning based on the following Values: 

Our Values


The UK has a phenomenal manufacturing community, tradespeople and seamstresses who create magic. This is disappearing as the drive for fast fashion continues. But we know our clients have soul, they want more than fast fashion. They want clothes that are made with love and support the dreams of those who made them. Therefore, we manufacture in the UK. This means we can ensure that health and safety standards and labour laws are being protected and implemented. It also means we can pop into our manufacturers at any time and have a cuppa with the wonderful people who make your clothes and bring a sense of manufacturing community back to the UK.

To us the world is our family and we see ourselves as a community making meaningful change. Who knows one day we’ll be big enough to start schools, lift people out of poverty and grow our More-Me family. That’s the dream. When you buy from More-Me you’re part of a family and you should know that we’re rooting for you!


At More-Me we love to celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that we live in a multicultural country where our differences, brought together, make things majestic. Just like in our clothes that are influenced from the East and the West. 

We love to celebrate the skills of those who make your clothes. Because if you saw the magic with which your clothes are made and the passion, you’d be as blown away as we are. 

We love to celebrate Fashion, not for the way, when poorly executed, it hurts the people in it and the planet, but because when responsibly done it can sustain communities who are nurtured through the work they do and who create beauty as a result.


Life's too short not to have fun. This means we're bold, bright and brave in our decisions, perspective and prints.

We want you to have fun in our clothes too which is why comfort is a big deal for us. Fashion has had a long unhealthy relationship with beauty. At More-Me we believe having fun makes you beautiful and we’re all for it.

No To Fast Fashion

Saying no to fast-fashion - unlike many high street brands, More-Me focuses on key pieces to elevate your wardrobe. This allows us to focus on designs we love and share them with our customers, as well as care for the planet. Wherever possible we use sustainable fabrics and materials and work with suppliers that take a responsible attitude to clothing production. As a relatively new brand we are still working a lot of this out, but you can bet that we’ll keep thinking of ways to get better.


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