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How to style a skirt

How to style a skirt this winter (printed, patterned or embroidered you can use these simple rules).

They say the devil is in the detail and they weren’t kidding. 

The way you style a skirt can take an outfit to another level. Styled right, they can be perfectly versatile whether you’re going for a coffee with friends, to work, or on a night out. So below we’ve offered you some style tips so you can get the best out of your skirts this winter. 

Under your skirt


They don't need to be basic. Go for a checked, polka dot or any other pattern. This works really well with plain skirts. 

With patterned our embroidered skirts like our Aari embroidered skirt we'd recommend to keeping it simple with plain tights.


Yep a good pair of cycling shorts and some chunky boots can go a long way with a short skirt this winter. Not only do they keep you warm but also mean you can move around without risk of showing a little more than you had planned!

Over the knee boots

These look great with a short or long skirt with side slit!

On the top

With a white blouse

This is a sure way to style your skirt and look classy. No fuss just throw on a white blouse and let your your skirt do all the work! Works really well with embroidered or patterned skirts. Looks great paired with tights and some boots for the autumn/winter season.

A black or white tee/blouse

Again another staple item in every wardrobe. Easy to throw on and strut your stuff.

Check out our cross body black top that can be half tucked in for a semi casual look.

A black sweater/polo neck

Classic for the winter. Its’ easy to get drowned under layers and layers of black in the winter. Let our Aari embroidered skirt give you a pop of colour! Pair with a polo neck when you’re heading out for dinner.

Over the top

With a leather jacket/coat

Leather jackets are all the rage this autumn/winter. They are an excellent way of making plainer or more formal skirts look more edgy. So pair up our embroidered skirt with a cami and leather jacket and you’re ready for a great night out. 

Chunky knit

Looking for a more relaxed look that still makes a statement. Pair a skirt with an oversized knit. If your skirt has a pattern maybe choose a knit that matches one of the shades. Our embroidered skirt with a chunky pink knit and some chunky boots for a relaxed coffee date looks divine! o


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