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Why the mid thigh skirt is a big winner all year round

When designing our embroidered skirt we knew that we wanted to add a flash of vibrant design to an outfit so it was always going to be short. But the question was how short would our embroidered skirt be?

We could go for the classic mini but we are big fans of versatility and items of clothing that can be transformed from office wear into going out clothes, so the mini skirt wouldn’t quite cut the mustard. 

A midi length embroidered skirt would be too overwhelming with the thread design so we hit the sweet spot with our mid thigh length embroidered skirt.

Let me tell you the advantages of a mid thigh skirt:

It’s perfect with any length boot

Whether you are wearing knee highs, mid calf boots or even over the knees. Our mid thigh embroidered skirt can accommodate them all. Without that annoying overlap where the skirt rubs on the edge of the boot. You know what we’re talking about ladies. 

Modest but stylish

Not so short that it’s seen as unprofessional but still edgy the mid thigh skirt is perfect for the work place. It’s professional but stylish.


At this length you’re not constantly tugging at it when sitting down or moving around. At mid thigh you have a lot more flexibility and comfort.

Perfect for all ages. 

Whether you’re 15 or 55 a mid thigh skirt is perfect for all age groups.

So all hail the mid thigh skirt.

Have I convinced you yet?


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